Essential Oils

I believe there are many parts of the health puzzle! Lifestyle choices, nutrition, clean water and essential oils are just a few of the pieces.

Nature has given us so much of what we need. Essential oils provide immune support, combat toxins, replace chemicals in our products, support all our organs and so much more. 

But possibly the most important thing to know about them is they are not all created equally. I have done a lot of research on essential oils and how they can benefit us in our daily lives.There are lots of different companies with claims regarding purity, the way they are grown, distilled and bottled. Because the industry is not regulated by the FDA, any company can make any claim. Some companies even add synthetics and chemicals.  Research your oils first or let me help you navigate! I’ve spent many hours learning about them and would be happy to share my information with you! 

There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion out there but way too many benefits not to use them!

Digestion Drama?

If you've ever eaten a little more than you should've or maybe something that didn't agree with you, this is the perfect oil for you. And to make sure you are absorbing the goodies in your food, read about how Essentialzymes 4 can really help with that!

How Clean Are Your Cleaners?

Just in time for SPRING CLEANING!!! For years, I loved the way my house smelled after it was cleaned! Pine Sol and lemony furniture polish...they just made it seem super clean. But as I got deep into my research about autoimmune disease, I realized how destructive and counter-productive those store-bought cleaners are.

Essential Oils- Purification, Frankincense and Lavender

I’ve had quite a few people ask about different oils so I want to share how I use a few more. First though, there’s a little more info about oils in general. Did you know that our bodies have a similar molecular structure to a plant? That’s why essential oils can help us maintain wellness.

Bye, Bye Bugs

Are the mosquitoes and other pesty bugs out in full force at your house? Here are three great concoctions that will help keep them at bay!

Part 1: What's in That Essential Oil?

Since the discovery of Celiac in our family, I have been on a quest to learn about natural and homeopathic ways to support wellness and heal our bodies. The most obvious change was diet. Along with that, we started taking lots of supplements to help with the healing.