Are you a Spinner? A Yogi? A Walker? A Crossfitter?

No matter what kind of exercise you prefer, our muscles need help performing and recovering. Here's a great way to help! Read More

How Do You Eat Out AND Avoid Gluten?

For us, eating out with celiac is the hardest part. We are finding that some cities are easier than others. Unfortunately for us, San Antonio is tough; Austin is great, Slowly, restaurant owners, chefs and servers are becoming more aware and well- versed on gluten and how it’s not just a preference for some diners. How do we do it? Read More


Digestion Drama?

If you've ever eaten a little more than you should've or maybe something that didn't agree with you, this is the perfect oil for you. And to make sure you are absorbing the goodies in your food, read about how Essentialzymes 4 can really help with that! Read More


Sugar, Sugar You Give Me a Rush!

Back in the early 1900’s, who knew cigarettes caused long cancer? Or remember when cars didn’t even have seatbelts and toddlers stood behind the driver’s shoulder? What were we thinking? Thank goodness for research and smart people! So it is with sugar. Read More


Why Do I Need a Health Coach?

Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, a diet lacking in whole foods, a lack of physical activity and inadequate relief of chronic stress are key contributors in the development and progression of preventable chronic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Read More


Do you Dry Brush?

Have you tried dry brushing? Even heard of it? It's got lots of wonderful benefits! Read More


Bone Broth Benefits

“If I were to change just one thing, what would you suggest?” Many functional medicine doctors and health practitioners would agree- BONE BROTH! Read More


How Clean Are Your Cleaners?

Just in time for SPRING CLEANING!!! For years, I loved the way my house smelled after it was cleaned! Pine Sol and lemony furniture polish...they just made it seem super clean. But as I got deep into my research about autoimmune disease, I realized how destructive and counter-productive those store-bought cleaners are. Read More


My Achin' Back

Have you ever gone to a chiropractor? Or are you a little bit afraid of going to one? YES to both! I have been to very good ones in the past but I just cannot work through the whole manipulation and cracking thing. I know they prefer to use “adjusting” but when I can hear the “adjustment, it’s cracking to me. Read More


Essential Oils- Purification, Frankincense and Lavender

I’ve had quite a few people ask about different oils so I want to share how I use a few more. First though, there’s a little more info about oils in general. Did you know that our bodies have a similar molecular structure to a plant? That’s why essential oils can help us maintain wellness. Read More