Bye, Bye Bugs

Are the mosquitoes and other pesty bugs out in full force at your house? Here are three great concoctions that will help keep them at bay!
71c6d6469330b4131f89e82e60c704b8Personal Bug Bomb- If you can find an 8 oz spray bottle that is dark, perfect! If not, just use a couple of the small dark bottles. You can get those at Amazon. (When using essential oils, you always want to store them in dark bottles.) Fill ½ with witch hazel and ½ with distilled water. If using 8 oz, add 30-50 drops of Young Living (YL) citronella or a blend of purification and peppermint; for 4 oz, add 15-20. The worse the mosquitoes, the more oils you should add.

Yard Bomb- This came from a source who has used it every summer for 15 years, originally from Sprays his yard twice a summer and swears by it!Big bottle of cheap blue mouthwash. 3 c Epsom salt 3 12 oz cheap stale beer May need to half the recipe if you can’t find a large enough spray bottle. Try Home Depot or Lowes for a large one! Mix together until dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit outside. Will not harm plants and will last for about 80 days.

Bug Repellent Floor Cleaner 1 gallon hot water 1/4 c Dr. Bronner's Castile soap, unscented 10 drops YL peppermint essential oil 10 drops YL lavender essential oil 10 drops YL orange essential oil 10 drops YL pine essential oil 5 drops YL cedarwood essential oil 5 drops YL lemongrass essential oil 5 drops YL tea tree essential oil Mix together in a bucket and clean! (Not for hardwoods!) And if you don't like having to spray chemicals in and around your house all the time, try sprinkling this natural and non-toxic remedy around the outside of your house. This really helps deter bugs of all kinds from venturing inside. Diatomaceous earth food grade powder at Amazon.3e6e58_47b997c6415b41a89c654a7fdf89203bdrbronners-babymild-liquid-soap-16oz_2To get YL essential oils click here.


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Sarah Altman
Sarah Altman
we are going to try the yard bomb, and i will let you know! i really hope it works because we have got to get rid of the mosquitos before we move in!
LOVE all of these suggestions! Very needed in Texas right now