Part 1: What's in That Essential Oil?

Since the discovery of Celiac in our family, I have been on a quest to learn about natural and homeopathic ways to support wellness and heal our bodies. The most obvious change was diet. Along with that, we started taking lots of supplements to help with the healing. I realized that another part of the puzzle is essential oils. I had heard of essential oils for a long time but didn’t use them. If something I bought happened to have them added, I was happy with the fragrance. But I had no idea what they actually were, how to use them or what the benefits were. But after talking to “experts” who used them regularly, I decided to at least give them a try.


I started with a few basic ones that I picked up from a local grocery story. I used them for a few things but mostly; they just sat on a shelf. One thing about essential oils is that you really need to have someone help you learn about them and what to do with them. Too much misinformation and confusion! My sister and her two daughters have been using them for quite a while so I decided to jump on the wagon and ordered a starter kit. They have become quite knowledgeable and have shared so much with me. Now I use multiple oils every day for a variety of things and have become as passionate about sharing as they are! I did A LOT of research on different oil companies and decided that Young Living oils were by far the purest and the only ones I will use.


The first thing I learned is that all EO are not created equally. If the price of an oil is a bargain, keep walking! Most have “fillers” including formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals that are exactly what you are aiming to get away from. Make sure it is pure. In order for a bottle to say it is therapeutic grade, it has to have 3% essential oil. You definitely want 100%! I have been using Young Living oils and they are just that. They actually own their farms and distill their oils. (They also only use the first distillery so it doesn’t get “watered down”.) Several countries only allow Young Living to grow there because they trust the product. I compared the color of an oil from Young Living and another company and it was obvious that the other one was not pure. There are so many uses and benefits to using essential oils. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned! Two that I use all the time are LEMON and THIEVES. Lemon is awesome for SO MUCH MORE than you can imagine! It’s made by cold-pressing lemons and comes from the peel, which is where most of the phytonutrients are. Super healthy for you! Here are a few of the ways I use it. *For cleaning- it’s a natural disinfectant so works wonders in a moldy shower (I mix it with a little tea tree oil and vinegar), to clean countertops, to get the mildew-y smell out of wet laundry that has been sitting for a little too long. * Great degreaser *A natural goo-be-gone * Put a few drops on a cloth for silver polish * Health- supports lymphatic drainage, can use as a cooling and refreshing oil for skin * Use for lots of food prep- great in hummus, salad dressing, cookies…any where you would use lemon, put a drop in water to freshen it up Have you ever heard the story dating back to the 1500’s and the black plague about the grave robbers? There was a posse of 4 men who were robbing the graves, stealing jewelry, money and anything of value. This was a highly contagious disease and one that was spread by any form of contact. Yet these grave robbers never got sick. When the authorities finally caught them, they promised a full pardon if they would just reveal how they were able to stay well. As it turns out, the thieves were all from the same family and very familiar with plant oils. They knew that certain oils would keep them from getting sick so they would slather themselves in oil and never got sick. So thieves essential oil has to be one of the most popular oils today! It is an amazing blend that smells so good! Thieves is for all things cleaning! *spray it for a disinfectant- doorknobs, remote controls, fridge handle… * great to mix with hand soap * use a drop in dishwasher to eliminate odor and sparkle the dishes * use as a glass and mirror cleaner *diffuse to eliminate airborne bacteria * supports healthy immune system.

What are your favorite oils and how do you use them? Would love to hear some ideas! Check back for more on oils!


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