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Hello! My name is Martha Park, and I'm a certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Martha Park - certified health and wellness coach, San Antonio, TX

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in San Antonio, Texas,  I will help you identify your goals, make a plan to achieve them, and offer support as we work together. Many approaches to healthy living focus only on diet and what not to eat. I coach my clients to make small changes that are sustainable for the long-term. 

My expertise is working with people who have Autoimmune Disease and helping prevent it if you don't! We'll look at how your nutrition is affecting your symptoms, as well as the toxins you are exposed to that directly impact your health.

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  • “I have always been hesitant to take a step in this direction because it seemed like there was too much information to absorb…”
  • “For almost two years following a traumatic accident, I had an incredibly difficult time sleeping…”
  • "By partnering with Martha, I am certain that it would help not only educate and empower you on your health journey, but also teach you how to advocate for yourself when working with other healthcare professionals..."


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Do you Dry Brush?

Have you tried dry brushing? Even heard of it? It's got lots of wonderful benefits!

Bone Broth Benefits

“If I were to change just one thing, what would you suggest?” Many functional medicine doctors and health practitioners would agree- BONE BROTH!